Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Keeping up to date

I've known about RSS for a long time, but never had much interest in using it. I'm not the kind of person that regularly checks lots of different news sites or blogs. I subscribe to a couple of really good e-newsletters and pretty much prefer to receive my updates that way. However, in the name of learning, I have subscribed to 6 feeds using Bloglines.

1. Powerhouse museum photo of the day - even though we *had* to subscribe to this one, I quite like it.
2. LibraryBytes - of course - I have seen Helene Blowers speak and really admire what she is doing.
3. Libraries interact - described as 'Blog Central for Australian Libraries'. It does seem to have a broad range of subjects so far, so will keep checking.
4. The 'M' word - marketing libraries - the name says it all.
5. PETA latest news - I always like to keep up to date with the latest in animal rights news.
6. Eat, drink and be vegan - this is a blog by the author of a couple of really good vegan recipe books. The blog has recipes too - I'm in heaven!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Vegan cupcakes on Flickr

I was more interested when I did a search for 'Vegan' on Flickr - lots and lots of yummy vegan food pics - makes me hungry just looking at them. It does make you wonder about the things other people find interesting to look at. Have a look at this vegan cupcake tower by Sweet Avenue Bake Shop. Yum!

Week 3 - Photos and other things

NSW State Library
Originally uploaded by Steven Gregor
There are some wonderful photos of the State Library NSW on Flickr - some really nice architectural shots. I particularly like this one by Steven Gregor.