Sunday, August 8, 2010

Green Tambourine Brunswick

I read this review yesterday about a new cafe in Brunswick - Green Tambourine, which apparently has vegan & gluten free options available. The cafe is in an old bluestone building on Albion St that used to house a lovely little Italian restaurant. About 8-9 years ago I lived practically across the street & would visit the Italian restaurant for special occasions (i.e. when someone else was paying :-)) & remembered a gorgeous building with an unbeatable atmosphere. So I was keen to see the changes that had been made.

Unfortunately, on arrival this morning, there were no obviously vegan options in sight (though plenty of vegetarian choices). I was a little disappointed & briefly considered popping down the road for Henry's White Beans instead. The atmosphere is fantastic though & we were nestled right next to the open fireplace so I didn't really feel like moving. I asked the waitress if anything could be made vegan on the menu - she immediately told me about the vegan savoury muffin & went to the kitchen to check what else they could do. Big tick for service!

Long story short - there's a few items that can be adjusted - the forest mushrooms (minus the feta), the baked beans on toast & they also offered to to veganise the 'big vego breaky'. I decided on the mushrooms & D went for poached eggs with mushrooms & avocado as extras. The meals arrived quickly - another big tick! My mushrooms were delicious - perfectly flavoured with garlic and thyme & a sprig of rosemary (plus the serving was huge - beware if you go for the 'big breaky' options - they must be enormous).D was pretty happy with his eggs, but thought the mushrooms were the best part. The coffee is Five Senses and was a little disappointing. My soy latte came out with curdled milk (which is quite easy to do with soy - but unfortunate to see that it was served like that). Underneath the curdled top, the coffee itself was good - strong & only slightly bitter. D's first cappuccino was good, but he ordered a second which he couldn't finish as it was so bitter - not sure what happened there.

To sum up - if I lived in Brunswick I'd go back but as there actually aren't vegan options clearly available on the breakfast or lunch menus it's another one I probably won't make a special trip for. The atmosphere is fantastic - the old bluestone is gorgeous & they have done a really nice decorating job inside. Also plenty of space - there are front & back courtyards for summer too. Service is excellent - friendly & fast.

Green Tambourine
179 Albion St, Brunswick
Open 7 days 7.30am-5.30pm


  1. Hi this is Adam, the owner of Green Tambourine. Thanks for your feedback. We love receiving all type of feedback as it allows us to better our service. I was disappointed to hear about your coffee experience, which is why I would like to invite D and yourself in for a coffee on the house. Just let me know your name and ask for Adam when you come in. Hope to see you soon and to ensure you leave 110% satisfied!

  2. Hi Adam,
    Thanks so much for the offer - it's very generous of you, but I couldn't accept. Everything else about our meal was wonderful - particularly the service, so I was really happy when I left that day.

    Congratulations on running such a wonderful cafe!

  3. Hi, it would be my pleasure if you return for a complimentary coffee, see it as a thank you for your feedback! It's only with such feedback we can improve our service, so thank you once again!

    Hope to see you again soon!